Help! Making two different channels in my discourse

Hi everyone!

I’m new here. actually I’m working with a company that owns a discourse chat but they asked me to split the way the users can enter to the page. One for just suscribers (they doesn’t pay but are part of our community), one for members - who pay and have access to exclusive information (with the actual content that’s already there). So, how can I make this improvement? Where I can, for example, have sort of a landing page with two form boxes, one for suscribers and one for members?

Thanks in advance! :kissing: :revolving_hearts:

You can accomplish this using groups and setting up permissions per category. For example, if you had a paid subscribers group you can set a category’s permissions to only allow paid subscribers to view it (the category settings shown below are on the topic list page for the category)

Can you explain why you need two separate forms a bit?


Hi Kris, thank’s for replying :slight_smile:

So, If I have this category, how can I add the paid members to the list? Throught a data base, manually in the page, or how?

And my boss asked me to have like two boxes. One for the suscribers and one for the members (for the login) I think it may be too much and redundant, I’m open to a different / more functional way of doing it.

You create a custom group and add members to it. See Understanding groups and category permissions (security settings).

If you have some external database that has the members in it, you can use the API or a plugin to add people to the group accordingly.


Ok Jay, thanks! I’ll try that.

It just isn’t very clear for me if this actually makes the information split between two chats or the people who are suscribers still see the topics! That’s my major concern.

Those without permission to see the category won’t know that the category exists.