Help translators keep the translations up to date

I refer in particular to official plugins.
They are growing in number and checking the various updates on Github is becoming more challenging.

Why don’t choose to put them on Transifex when they are published?

In this way we can see globally when an updated official plugin needs more translations without losing time checking them one by one on Github.


Yeah, as a translator this is bothering me as well.
I’ll put this on my list.

OK, it’s already assigned to someone, I just can’t see to whom (@neil?) . Is this a bug in the plugin?


It says it’s assigned to you. I had started adding them all to Transifex. There’s a topic on dev about it. Pulling the translations with the tx command line tool wasn’t working.


I see it now too. Usually there’s this when I assign myself:


But it’s missing this time and in the header it’s only visible when I scroll down. That wasn’t possible with just two posts…

Anyway, now it’s officially on my list. :slight_smile:
All I need now are the permissions for Transifex, but that can wait… :slight_smile:
As “Team Manager” I’m not allowed to add files.