Help wanted on plugin controller

We’re building a Sitemap plugin and I’m running into an issue.

(Yes there has been a lot of discussion around the need for a sitemap, but Google News totally requires it)

Somehow the code in the controller is never executed and I get the regular “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private” message.

Because I suspected an issue with the view, I have stripped the code so it should only output a log line and an error, but this doesn’t work either.

Code is here:

Running it does this:

If I rename the generate method or change the route, I get an error that the controller could not be found, so I should be on the right path here. Is there anyone who can spot (the probably very trivial) issue?


Why do you have two routes for get "sitemap.xml" ?

I have now monkey patched robots_txt to make it work, and commented out the part that references the engine.

This is the commit you should be looking at

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Did you get it to work?
I got exactly the same problem, that my controller method code never gets called but the application knows the controller and his methods.


No, I was never able to get that fixed :frowning:

You need a client route as equivalent for a server route

And on the client you have to call the server controller:

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


robots.txt is requested by search engine bots, not by the user.
So there is no need / use for an Ember route map…