Help with automatic group restriction

Can anyone tell me if there is any problem with depriving all automatic groups? I would like to let only the moderators see the groups and their members, I would like to leave them all hidden and restrict only the admins from sending messages, but could there be an error or would they continue to work normally?

I set the group visibility and member visibility options to moderators only; group members and owners and restrict mentions and messages to administrators only. However, when I enter the “groups” section, instead of “automatic” appearing, “private” appears. Could it be that the automatic groups function has stopped working?

I’m don’t think I’m following 100%?

Do you mean delete? You can’t delete automatic groups.

You’d have to go around all of your groups and configure them like this. As long as you don’t have any group owners that are members, only staff (admin and moderator) will be able to see the groups and members. As you can see, only the admin can send this group messages too.

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That’s right, but my question is if I restrict automatic groups with these settings closed to administrators and staff only, will the automatic function continue to work? because after I changed the settings I entered the “Groups” section administratively and where it previously said “Automatic” it now says “Private”

Yes they are still automatic but since you made them private eg. only visible to staff they say private.

Great, can you tell me where I see the requirements for the user to be able to level up? from 0 to 1,2,3 and 4?

When I enter a user’s profile through the administrative panel and go to the “Trust Level” section, only two options appear: “BLOCK TRUST LEVEL” AND “TRUST LEVEL 3 REQUIREMENTS” can you tell me why the option does not appear “TRUST LEVEL 2 REQUIREMENTS”? Why skip the “2: member” trust?

While the requirements for TL3 take the user’s activity within the past 100 days into account, that’s why you can check that progress separately. The ones for TL0, TL1, and TL2 use the activity of all time, so you can use the stats in the user’s profile.
You can see and change all the requirements at [yoursite]/admin/site_settings/category/trust?filter=require.

Sorry, I don’t understand, does this mean that until I reach trust level 3, I, as an administrator, will have to manually increase my membership? Won’t it happen automatically?