Help with SAML integration - New Users are not created

Hi there !

I am trying to integrate Keycloak Single Sign On with Discourse. I am using SAML client. Sequence is this:

  1. User goes to discourse webpage. (Discourse version: 2.7.0)
  2. User click on LogIn button
  3. User selects with SAML
  4. User is forwarded to the Keycloak instance for authentication.
  5. Keycloak redirect User back to discourse webpage.
  6. User is not created. Error shows: “Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Please try again.”

Discourse Logs shows error:

(saml) Authentication failure! invalid_ticket: OneLogin::RubySaml::ValidationError, Fingerprint mismatch


Any hint or advise ? Thanks for your time.

You can search the saml plugin for “Fingerprint mismatch.” My guess is that you don’t have the right credentials/kays to talk to SAML. Next is something about the scope.

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