Help with white screen when using any cdn

hi, I have added my site to stackpath and added the ‘edge address’ to app.yml and rebuilt, now all of my static files direct to stackpath as expected. However when i go to my domain now I only see a white screen. i thought this might be a stackpath issue so I also tried these steps with bunnycdn (which has worked fine previously) and still I now only see a white screen.

my stackpath edge address however loads my site completely fine

does anyone know what this issue this? thanks

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update: i checked console which is full of ‘invalid character’ messages, when i open the corresponding js files it is full of: ‘¾ØýÈOÝ´þäùKe˜žXÞ¬¬½õ’

also when i change the ‘host header’ to ‘dynamic’ the site will load at the original domain however this causes all the static files to redirect which causes big delays.

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It’s the weekend so you may need to be patient for better help. But it looks like the problem involves mis-matched character encoding. I tend to have everything in UTF-8 — browsers, text editors, meta tags, database collation, etc. everthing

What language(s) / character encoding(s) are you working with?

Glaswegian. (That’ll be it, likely.)


Not entirely sure i understand but i haven’t changed any of the default discourse settings in that regard…


This sounds like you’re getting compressed assets but the browser is treating them as uncompressed and trying to interpret directly.