Hidden Profile Problem

Some members cannot view the profile card of the members who hide their profile. Could this be due to the new update?

Is that not the expected behavior? It’s hidden, so you can’t see it. Right?


No, even if some of our members are hidden, their profile card can be seen.

So what you mean is that you have some users with hidden profiles and there are some members who are not staff who can see those profiles that should be hidden?

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just remember that staff can see hidden members

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I think i solved this. Propably this is about block list.

Edit: Not about block list. :frowning:

Let me explain. Please think me a normal member. When i want look some member’s profile i cant this. Mean when i want look him profile i cant it.

what is your site details ? and what user do you want to see the profile?

Also, are you an admin of the site ?

I’m not admin. I am a moderator. The person reporting this issue encountered these issues when trying to view a normal member’s profile.

well there could be multiple reasons for this.

Best would be to get an admin involved to check it out as they have access to /admin/site_settings/.

It’s going to be hard to troubleshoot this issue without admin permissions.


Okey thanks for your helps.