Can't send PM when profile is hidden

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Something seems a bit off with that, if anyone fancies writing it up in a bug topic?

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I thought that “who can DM me” ~= “who can see my profile”? You can always just compose via the “new message” button in the messages tab of your profile:


My apologies for going off-topic (I’ll tidy these up after :slight_smile:) - but when people have said ‘I can’t send a PM’ do you mean there’s no button on the usercard, or that you couldn’t send a PM to them at all from any of the New Message buttons from elsewhere?

I’ve just had a quick run-through on my test site, and hiding the profile did not block sending a PM between a couple of non-admin test users?


Yup, I think people are referring to the missing button on the user card to send a private message. I can imagine that the profile page and user card are hidden if someone decides to hide it, but it will make sense to keep the message button on the user card while disabled, as it can be a little bit devious to use the plus icon from the sidebar to send a personal message.

That’s true, it’s just a visual recommendation to keep it on the user card while a profile is disabled. :wink:


I’ve roughly split these into support so as not to guff up your marketplace topic. :slight_smile: :+1:

I think you may be right. There is a ux topic about this Hiding profile removes message button from user cards which may be worth a bump.