Hide Likes For New Users

This is a very simple theme component that gives you the ability to hide the “like” functionality from new (TL0) users. While not 100% foolproof against an extremely determined troll, it will prevent the “like” elements from ever loading into the DOM while active. The hope is that it can act as an additional obstacle to trolls attempting to abuse likes. I also included the option to hide likes from anons in case that’s helpful for any community.






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If you are unfamiliar with theme components and how to install them, check out the theme installation guide . And if you’d like to learn more about Discourse themes, take a look at this guide .


This is awesome! :tada: Although would it be possible to set a certain TL to show the :heart: instead of only Anons and TL0’s? Usually the “like trolls” scroll through the forum and get TL1, then start spamming.


I thought about it, but by default it would block TL1 —> TL2 promotion since:

I guess you can set tl2 requires likes given to 0 to avoid that.

I was originally going to include a setting where you could add specific users, but I figured admins can just lock those users at TL0 if they are abusing likes. Unless you are having widespread issues, I feel like the same should apply to anything TL1 and above. If you get a complaint or see a problem user, lock them down to TL0.

Does that make sense or do you think having TL1 as an option would really be helpful? I definitely want to make sure this works in as many scenarios as it is helpful.


Good catch! That indeed does block TL promotion. I don’t really want to change things up as TL promotions are designed to bring the healthiest community.

Locking TL does work, I think this is probably the best option.

Personally I can probably stick with just locking TL’s but it wouldn’t hurt to have a selectable TL in-case some forum has some customized promotion criteria and want other TL’s to also not be able to cast likes.


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