Hide listing head nav

Hello Friends,

How i can hide the nav above the listing ? see the picture below:

You could add this to the CSS, but how do you plan to navigate the site?

Customize > Themes > Edit CSS/HTML

.list-controls {display: none;}

You can alter the items and their order in the top menu. Search for top menu in Settings.

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Worked, Thanks a lot.

but removed all the controls, even inside the admin control panel, for example i added the code to css then i moved to change the name of the group i coudn`t find the tools !! any other options ?

Any help on this ?..

Hiding the navigation menu severely limits your users’ ability to efficiently navigate through your community. There may be better ways to address whatever problem you’re having.

Can you describe the reason why you want to hide the navigation menu?

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Just because i want the homepage looks flat, all is i want to hide the section i shared in the above picture, nothing than that.

Completely removing a main navigation menu to achieve a look at the expense of usability sounds like a poor idea to me. If anything it should be replaced with a slide-out, drop-down or maybe another hamburger.

IIRC, there has been some discussion about a slide-out menu but I don’t recall where (a theme?) or where the discussion ended.


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