Hide '+ New Topic' button from home screen

How can I hide the ‘+ New Topic’ button hide from home screen only as it is already there in category pages. Please help me with css/html so that I can put in customize admin section.



Thanks @cpradio. Also is there a way to hide the top menu buttons latest & categories ? I tried from top menu of admin screen. But it says lates is required ? Can this done with css ?

So you don’t want any navigation shown? Can you provide a screenshot and cross out what you don’t want displayed? Also realize that may make it hard for your users to navigate.

@cpradio Thanks again for the quick reply. I dont want those as I have already customized my home dashboard to include those ( Please refer attached ) .
Please find the attached screen short. The dark circled once I want to remove.

Don’t do that. That will break your site.

Instead the following CSS customization will do what you want

.nav.nav-pills { display: none; }
.full-width .nav.nav-pills { display: block; }

Edit: Added .full-width style too, otherwise, the admin nav can disappear.