How to hide the 'Latest', 'Top', 'Categories' and drop down in the homepage

Hi Anyone, our website (Amazon Discount) wants to hide the ‘Latest’, ‘Top’, ‘Categories’ in the home page. What CSS should be in Customize of Setting?

See Desktop screenshot

See Mobile screenshot

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I added below customize CSS and only can remove the dropdown list from home page (Desktop), and the dropdown still show in mobile.

.navigation-topics ol.category-breadcrumb {
display: none;}

The dropdown is gone in Desktop.

But the dropdown still show in mobile.

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I think you need to use this site setting.

top menu

Determine which items appear in the homepage navigation, and in what order. Example latest|new|unread|categories|top|read|posted|bookmarks

Thanks, Jonathan5.

You’re right.

After I setup the top menu, it must have one value ‘latest’ .

How can hide the ‘latest’ on the home page because 'the ‘latest’ is only choice and default topics?

I don’t know but guess CSS. Often the CSS for mobile and for desktop is different. Your desktop browser probably has a button to pretend to be a mobile device to find out the CSS class/id.

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.nav-pills>li {
    color: var(--secondary);
    background-color: var(--quaternary);
    display: none;


.list-controls .nav-pills .navigation-toggle {
    flex: 0 1 auto;
    display: none;
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