Hide +New Topic on Top Level Categories

We would like to hide the +New Topic button on top level categories when sub-categories are present. I found a post that showed how to hide the +New Topic button on the main category screen but it is still present on the top level category screens.

We do not allow users to post to top level categories when we have created sub-categories so the +New Topic button is not needed.

Has anyone done this before?

Thanks for the help

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I don’t think there is a built in way, but you can achieve this with some simple CSS.


I think it’s even less involved than what I describe below if you are applying it to ALL top level categories. Try adding this to your theme’s Common CSS first:

// Remove the New Topic button from all top-level categories
.categories-list:not(.navigation-categories) {
        display: none;
More involved way

First you’ll need to find the category slug of the top-level categories (Note: This is strictly for top-level categories. Sub-categories are a little different.)

For example, if we take the URL for the support category here on Meta: https://meta.discourse.org/c/support

The slug is whatever is after the /c/part of the URL. In this case it’s support. If your category has multiple words in it, it will have dashes like questions-and-answers

The CSS will be looking for a class that starts with category- and continues with the slug of the top-level category. So for the above examples, you would use category-support and category-questions-and-answers

So with that in mind, you can customize the following CSS to fit your needs, and add it to the Common CSS section of your theme:

.category-questions-and-answers {
    button#create-topic {
        display: none;

You can add more to the top of the list, just be sure to include period at the beginning and the comma at the end.

If you’ve never worked with CSS, this might be a little confusing, so feel free to ask for any further clarification.


Thanks for the help. We may have some top level categories with sub-categories that are OK to post in. The more involved way did exactly what I needed.

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