Wordpress posts are now unlisted from latest update of forum and plugin

Just updated the software, now it seems that topics created via Wordpress are unlisted.


This is becoming infuriating…

The only related setting I can see from the Wordpress Plugin for Discourse has the following setting:

I don’t want to roll back an update, weird that no one else is getting this.

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I got that. But there is something else related to this going on too. Even updating connection/link to Discourse direction make this happening too — but not always. In most of cases it doesn’t make posts unlisted.

I didn’t bother to do any requests because this is too inconsistent and I can’t give even semi-solid guidance how to test it. Plus I’m not totally sure is there WordPress, the plugin or Discourse the actual source of headache now.

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I changed the site setting of embed unlisted and now my new WordPress posts are showing as listed. I’m not sure what’s the long-term solution, but it seemed to work for now.


this quick fix doesn’t work for me, I’m using Version 2.5.1, no matter if I enable or not the “Publish posts as unlisted Discourse topics” setting.
any ideas how to fix this?

I’m having this same issue. Any guidance?

Just ran into this myself. The post in Wordpress has a checkbox to make the topic unlisted in Discourse. It isn’t checked. But the post in Discourse is unlisted anyway.

In Discourse I have now unchecked the setting called “embed unlisted,” and I’ll see whether it works, but clearly there is a problem with the wordpress plugin and the way it is interacting with Discourse right now.

Yes, that will solve the problem: Comments not appearing and posts unlisted - #5 by simon.

It’s working as intended, but I think some way should be found to make it clear that topics can be unlisted either from the WordPress or the Discourse end.

It hasn’t worked this way for the last 5 years, and in my opinion it shouldn’t work this way.

If the setting on the Wordpress side doesn’t work to override the default setting on Discourse, it should be removed.

ETA: I haven’t tested this, but your comment seems to imply that the WP side can override the Discourse side, but only to unlist topics. That’s very confusing behavior. The setting should work to override the Discourse setting consistently (list when default is unlisted, unlist when default is listed) or people are always going to be confused in WordPress.