Hide small_action posts when listing/unlisting topics

We recently upgraded to 3.2.0.beta3-dev. Since the upgrade, the “small_action” posts have become visibly too large for unlisted/listed events:

Earlier they used to be hidden. Is there a way to hide them again? I couldn’t find a way to do it in the community settings. This is their DOM view:


I only found the following setting, but nothing related to small action posts on listing/unlisting topics:

Hello and welcome @GaurangBlaze :slight_smile:

I don’t think there have been any recent changes to the Unlisted/Listed small action posts?

Did you have a theme component doing the job for you that may need an update?

Thanks for the quick response @JammyDodger ! I just checked and we only use one theme (I think the URL is /admin/customize/themes):


I could be wrong, but I think Custom Header Links is not relevant to this issue. Moreover, it is on latest version as of now.

What version did you upgrade from?

I think it was 3.2.0.beta1-dev. If there is a way to verify, that would be nice.

Did you get to the bottom of it in the end?

I’ll Unlist/List this one so you can see that it’s not a universal thing, if that helps.

That is helpful. This seems to be a universal thing :slightly_smiling_face: See the screenshot:

Sadly, I still haven’t been able to hide it.

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You may have to talk me through what you’re expecting. :slight_smile: The ones in the screenshot of this topic look like they always have to me?

Sure. This is how it was back in the day, I had to find an example through Wayback Machine: March Development Update - News - Text Blaze Community

Note there are no small action posts visible:

The small action posts are still there in the DOM but they are hidden via CSS as expected:

The link to this stylesheet is: https://web.archive.org/web/20230307092617cs_/https://community.blaze.today/stylesheets/desktop_theme_2_8bfecae92ad5104622d1da988786f10e4f8240ac.css?__ws=community.blaze.today

I am not sure if we added desktop_theme_2_hash.css or it was already present in Discourse (and has now been removed).

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I think you could just plug and play with that CSS:

div.small-action:not(.time-gap) {
    display: none;

In the theme’s custom CSS, or as a separate theme component applied to the theme.


This looks like a custom CSS with theme in the URL.

I tried to find any change related to small-action or time-gap, but I could not find anything. I vaguely remember they were grouped, maybe in a time gap or something. Not sure. :man_shrugging:


I didn’t realize it was so easy to fix this, and that this wasn’t related to a recent Discourse upgrade :smiley: Thanks everyone for chiming in and helping in this :pray:


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