Is there a way to remove these from showing up in the posts section?


It really clutters up the feed, especially on mobile. Would love if it could just be sent as a notification or something. It’s annoying to constantly go and delete system messages when they happen every time, or even messages from Staff that an action was done on a post.

You could try writing some CSS to hide them. From what I’m seeing, all of the posts in a topic are contained within a div element with class post-stream. Those particular messages appear to be article elements with the classes small-action and onscreen-post. I’d be careful to make sure that there aren’t other types of messages that would be caught by the CSS selector and hidden!

Yeah, I was thinking of doing something like:

.small-action {
display: none

but I’m not sure what other sort of messages show up like these. Is there a list of them anywhere by chance?

Hmm, I’m not aware of a full list but I did notice at least one other element that uses small-action: the last visited line! :grin:

Hopefully article.small-action.onscreen-post would be specific enough to not affect anything else.

This would be perfect, but it isn’t working for me on my non-staff account, nor non-signed in users. See anything wrong?

Even just having this alone isn’t doing anything:

.small-action.onscreen-post {

This is being done on a component I made for CSS stuff that I use for a couple themes.

For me, here on Meta, non-staff, this works:

.small-action.onscreen-post {
    display: none;

You seem to have capitalized display by mistake?

Just another note, this might occasionally cause weird visual bugs:

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Yeahh, even with the regular lowercase display, it still didn’t work when I tried earlier.

Would these bugs be for everyone or just Staff to see? But yeah, the CSS still isn’t working for me, though :frowning:

If you’re showing it to staff, then everyone but staff.

Throw an !important on it then, that usually works :upside_down_face:

.small-action.onscreen-post {
    display: none !important;

So weird, even with the important part, still not hiding it. hmmm. And that’s on multiple themes. Is it because I’m using a component to do this?

Are you sure the component is applied to themes?

Yes, showing as applied to both I’ve tried it on.

Strange. I made a test component, and it works for me. Could you try this component?

Ok, what the heck? Yours works, lol. I have the literal same thing in mine, though.

Ok, so after disabling my component from the theme and re-applying it, it’s working now…what in the world?

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Perhaps it was a caching issue?

You mean on my browser? If so, I doubt it. I tried multiple browsers in incognito mode. Maybe found a bug somehow, haha?

EDIT: Come to think of it, I had a similar issues like 12hrs ago. One of my CSS things randomly stopped working and I had to re-apply it. Totally forgot about that until now, but I guess that’s expected when you’re building your site 18hrs a day :upside_down_face:

Syntax is important and you have a space before the colon instead of after that caused yours to not work. also best not to capitalize properties.

That doesn’t seem to cause an issue when applying styles via inspect, except it confuses the syntax highlighter: