Staff Now a Banner posts

Not a big deal, only that I’m curious if it’s an oversight, intentional, or more work than it’s worth doing anything about.

While doing tests involving posts read counts I noticed that a lot of actions are small actions. eg.

Closed, Opened, Pinned, Pinned Globally, Unpinned, Archived, Unarchived, Unlisted, Listed, display more compacted and have

<div id="post_2" class="small-action onscreen-post clearfix" style="">

while “now a banner” and “no longer a banner” posts display as a full sized post.

<div class="topic-post clearfix moderator">

True, such posts can be deleted to make them less obtrusive. Just curious that’s all.


Yes that one probably should use the more muted style as well. @neil can you add it to your list for 1.8


I changed those messages to the small post style today.