Hide 'Username' from posts

Any advice how to hide ‘Usernames’ from published topics please?

Quite often my users use the same ‘username’ as ‘name’, so it’s basically duplicated.

Here is an example.

Thank you.

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The username is used to mention people.
If you hide it, it will be difficult to mention people who have different name and username.

To hide it, use this CSS:

.names .username {
    display: none;

Ah, okay. Thank you for the advice.

How about hiding ‘name’?

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See in your admin panel the setting “enable names”.


Thank you @canapin. Much appreciated.

The “enable names” config, when unset, hides names everywhere.

For hiding only on posts, unset the config “display name on posts”.


@renato is certainly right about “everywhere”, even in the Admin panel for a User. I want to use (and sure do like) the “enable names” config, BUT, I’d at least like to have it shown to me as an Admin in the Admin panel.

Is there a way to arrange for this?

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Can you not tag people by full name? That seems to work for us…


Indeed, I wasn’t aware of this. :+1:


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