Hide visibility of Forum for anonymous users

Hi everyone,

Not sure if we have this yet, but do we have the option to disable access to Community for anonymous users?

Use case -

  • We want to keep our content exclusive to members.
  • Anonymous users tend to see the information and not sign up.

If we were to hide the content on the forum and keep a pop up/CTA for ‘Join the Community’ - we think users will create an account → engage.

Hello Shawn! :slight_smile:

There are three site settings that may suite your needs:

invite only

All new users must be explicitly invited by trusted users or staff. Public registration is disabled.

login required

Require authentication to read content on this site, disallow anonymous access.

must approve users

Staff must approve all new user accounts before they are allowed to access the site.


Ah! Thank you @Canapin :grin:
I like the 2nd option - Login required, exactly what we wanted.

Thank you so much!

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Why would or should they do it? Sure, this is kind of age question and matter of genre, but you must answer two questions (to you, not for me because I’m not interested :wink: ):

  • why would someone buy something without seeing what they are buying (aka. Why would an user give email address to you; they don’t know you)
  • why are lurkers so big issue in the situation where about 2 % of users create 90 % of content (aka. What is the real reason why you want to get registrations/emails)

And the last one: is content really so exclusive you want ban search engines?


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