Hide part of content for anonymous users

Hello, I need “hide” feature, if I paste content (text) between [hide]hidden text for forum guests[/hide] that this text can view only registered users. I’m sure this feature can be helpful for many forum owners. Thanks

I’m not sure that I fully understand what you’re thinking let alone know for certain how to do it :wink:

Lots of forum content can be “hidden”. Depending on what, there are

  • categories without everyone permissions
  • whisper posts (staff)
  • deleted / unlisted topics (staff / links)
  • custom CSS styles (eg. display none)
  • themes?
  • plugins?
  • spoiler (user action)
  • summary / details (user action)

You posted what looks like bbcode tags that’s use will result in text within a post not being displayed to anons.

AFAIK this in particular has not been done yet, though some of the bbcode plugins should give you a place to start.


There is an existing topic on this somewhere. It is a rare and obscure feature of some old forum software.