Make complete community accessible only to registered users

My community has decided they want to only allow people to read the discussions if they registered.

Is there a global setting for it? I searched through the settings but didn’t find anything.

I‘m aware that I can configure the access levels for all categories and could set it to tl0, but

  • that will make the Homepage and „latest“ just appear empty without explanation
  • I can’t do it for the „Uncategorized“ category
  • it’s difficult to do it for the „Meta“ category, as I‘d have to create a new category and move all existing topics.

Yes I believe you’re looking for the setting called login required — that should do the trick globally, no category-specific access levels required!


How about setting the forum (in the setup wizard) to private?


Is this the same as the login required setting?

Thank you, that’s what I was looking for but didn’t find it (searched for “registered“ instead of “login“)


Ok, that works great but is ugly. ^^

Is there a way to customize the Startpage to include a more welcoming Text/experience? not even the About-Us page is visible from the new startpage.

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customize it here: admin -> customize -> text

login_required.welcome_message (or welcome_message_invite_only depending on how you set it up) is the message displayed.


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