Hiding closed topics


is it possible to hide all closed topics?



Add ?status=open to your url


With apologies for continuing a relatively old topic (the context is linked from the opening post above):

Please, what exactly does it do?

I imagine that including it within the URL will:

  • have no special effect when performed by someone at, for example, level 1
  • be effective when performed by, for example, an administrator
  • effectively open (not hide) a topic that is closed.

It does not do that. Adding ?status=something to the URL simply changes the topics displayed to you. Removing it (or navigating around the site) will reset the view to default. In the case of ?status=open it will remove any closed topic from the current view, allowing you to see only open topics. Other useful statuses are ?status=closed, ?status=unlisted, and ?status=deleted, keeping in mind the latter two only work for site staff.

Try adding ?status=open to the URL of Meta. Notice that the pinned welcome topic no longer appears. If the pinned topic is already not at the top, try going to #bug, switching to the latest view, and adding it there. You should notice that all closed topics disappear.


Excellent, thank you.

It seems to me that:

  • where / defaults to Categories, /?status=unlisted is not effective
  • where / defaults to Categories, /latest?status=unlisted is effective

– and so on. I guess, that’s by design, where emphases are on categories, but if you suspect a bug please let me know; I’ll raise a topic in the appropriate category.

Thanks again.

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Those parameters only work on Latest (to my knowledge).

I do not think they were considered in the Categories and Latests view on the categories page.