Hiding the tag-info button for non-admins

Hello all,
I’d like to hide the ‘#show-tag-info’ button for non-admin users. As an admin, clicking this button allows the user to update or remove the tag, in addition to adding the tag to a group. When clicking this button as a non-admin, the UI still seems to tell the user they can add the tag to a group. However, when clicking this link, the user is redirected to a 404 page.

Using a bit of jQuery, it’s possible to conditionally hide this button for non-admins. I’d like to avoid this, as it’s just adding an additional API call that I’d like to avoid making. I could also override the default template for this piece of the UI, but I’d also like to avoid that.

I do not see any admin settings under /settings/tags that are connected to this specific button. Is there any way to hide this button for non-admins, which avoid the two possible solutions mentioned earlier?

Thanks all!

I can reproduce this bug here on meta on #unsupported-install, there’s a link to /tag_groups that returns a 404.

That said, I did hide this button for non-staff users in my community just to avoid the clutter:

body:not(.staff) #show-tag-info {
  display: none;

You don’t need to

I do this kind of tweak as a theme component, use the ➕Install button below the list of theme components and Create new, customize the CSS and add it to the themes you want.

Yeah we should remove that tag group info, that certainly doesn’t make sense for a normal user.

I think the intention of showing the tag info to everyone is to be able to show if there are specific category restrictions on the tag and show when tag synonyms are present, but maybe we should hide the button entirely unless one of those are true.

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