Hiring RoR Dev for Mental Health Product

2 in 3 people who struggle with their mental health do not seek help.

We built a Rails app that will reach those people.

It’s the world’s first mental health technology that brings direct support to users on Instagram.

Originally built by a team of volunteers, our non-profit, HeartSupport, is seeking its first full-time developer. The position is a one-year remote contract.

A developer in this role will see their code impact thousands of people and needs to have a deep passion for mental health.

  • Our stack is primarily based in Rails and PostgreSQL. You’ll be creating technologies that wrap around and interact with our Discourse forum.
  • The focus of our expansion will be on a Ruby on Rails app that interacts with Facebook APIs and Twilio.
  • Our technologies are currently hosted in Digital Ocean, and being able to DIY basic devops is an important skill.

The developer hired for this position will be compensated @ $60k/yr.



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