Hosting on serverless container services?

I am currently hosting 2 discourse communities on a single inexpensive VPS. Updating the VPS is cumbersome, so I am considering moving to a cloud hosting platform that allows me to allocate resources for the containers without tending to system upgrades. This seems to be what AWS Fargate offers, but I am sure other cloud providers have similar offers.

My question about this is if someone has tried this out and if so, what is the approximate pricing and overall experience migrating and running it in such a platform.


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It’s much harder to get Discourse to work under something like Fargate than it is to keep an OS up-to-date (and I suspect it’ll cost significantly more than your inexpensive VPS); I set up sites to do automatic updates and reboot when a security update requires it. Recent Ubuntu LTS versions are supported until 2027. You’d still need to keep an VM around to build the images that you’d run under fargate. You might be able to get the bitnami image to work for you, but you’ll get no support for it here.