Hostname for your discourse ? (

Hello guys,

i am new here just purchased a plan on digital ocean to host my discourse forum.

i ran through the process of installation in the digital ocean console and i was asked to enter the hostname of your discourse, how and where can i get that from ?

Hi !

You need to enter your domain name. For this forum, it is for example

If you don’t have one, you need to buy one. DigitalOcean doesn’t offer one


You need to register a domain to use for your forums.

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I think, you need to purchase a domain name first if you don’t have one.

If you have one domain name purchased already then input it there i.e ( Your own domain )

FYI: Please make sure, you have added the ip address of the digital ocean server there at the A record of your domain’s DNS settings. So your domain will point to the Discourse Server ( Digital Ocean Server ).

Ashish P.


hello, thanks alot for answering, @ashish can you help me with that through team viewer ?

i have entered my domain name after this it gave me some error i thing it is not configured properly to my namecheap.

i would really appreciate alot your help in this

fyi, you can also get guidance from your domain provider. Support should be happy to guide you through the process since you paid them. At least, this is the case with providers like Namecheap and Gandi, etc.

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Yes. Can you please discuss with your DNS provider to help you with this?

Or you can hire some freelancer dev to help you.

Ashish P.

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i was able to install it, what i was looking for

Hostname for your discourse ? (

is basically the hostname that discourse ask you to provide it in the bottom of the page before starting the installation in the terminal. in my case i put

i finished installation now and terminal said i should continue installation on the website, i tried to go to my website link its redirecting me to name a page saying this domain was recently purchased from name cheap

trying to solve the issue with namecheap

thanks alot guys

Root domain i.e or subdomain i.e both are fine. You can write any of the one. Just discuss with DNS provider and he will tell you the way to input Server IP address to A Record of domain name or subdomain. It’s simple to fix :slight_smile:

name cheap support is asking me if i was provided with an ip address of the hosting server digital ocean anyone knows how can i get it ?

Yeha, you should have an ip adress of Digital Ocean Server. Please login at digital ocean website with your credentials and you will find it there :slight_smile:

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i have setup these name servers in my domain, is that the only thing i have to do ? name cheap support asked me to ask digital ocean if it is possible to connect the domain name with their service with the help of host records.

when im visiting my website im still having the same page redirected to name cheap saying this domain was purchased

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That was not mandatory to map your DNS Name Servers to Digital Ocean. You were only require to add the IP address of your Digital Ocean server in the A record of domain. ( I mentioned that in the earlier thread )

Like this: - That was only required to do.

A Record | @ |

FYI: is an example IP Adress. There should be simillar public IP address of your server.

As you now mapped your Domain Name Servers to Digital Ocean, Please go to the control panel of the Digital Ocean. and

  • Go to Networking > Domains
  • Add a new domain
  • Go to Networking and click on your domain name
  • Create a new A record for the domain. Digital Ocean will provide you the option to select the DROPLET’s IP ( So you don’t need to worry of entering it yourself. )

Now, you are done :clap:

Please have a look here for more information:


yes i have just followed all these steps thanks alot, but i guess i have to wait some time for the DNS cz forum still not loading.

Ashish, i have tried to text you on instagram might be needing you in future project im planing to execute and i need assistance of a pro developer

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Yes that’s true. You need to wait for some time so it will reflect the DNS changes.

Thank you


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