How can I change the navigation tag?


Hi everyone,

I want to know how I can change the navigation tag’s name: Latest, New and Unread.

I want to change them into Japanese.
If anyone knows the way to change, please help me.

Thank you and best regards.


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‘Latest’, ‘New’ and ‘Unread’ should be translated. This is what I get on this forum when I change my locale to ‘ja’:

Maybe you need to either set the forum’s locale to Japanese, or set your locale to Japanese in your settings?


Oh, Thank you very much :slight_smile:I will try it.


I checked my home page

We have already located to Japanese…


I have checked my settings, and I found my language is Japanese.

Do you know how can I change those topic into Japanese?

(Pad Pors) #6

something seems to be wrong here, but a fast temporary solution can be using
admin/customize/site_texts and translating those strings into Japanese.

you’ll need to search “top” for example, and then write a Japanese string there.

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Thank your your kind reply :awthanks:
I will try it.


I checked admin→customize→text contents→Latest, New, Unread

but all of them are in Japanese…

(Pad Pors) #9

:confused: no idea! perhaps someone more technical may be able to help.

just some guesses:

  • if i were you, i’d have changed those Japanese text in admin -> customize -> text and see if the change is being applied or not.
  • also check to be sure that you didn’t make this option on: “allow user locale”, which doesn’t seem to be the case looking at the previous image you’ve attached.

Thank you thank you!!

I will try it. I hope I can solve this problem ASAP.

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