I'm having terrible translation in the browser header ( arab forum )


The problem is the translation of " last topics " in this category is translated in = الموضوعات الاخيرة

what I’m having is no space between last and topics

so it is equivalent to “last topics”

how can I fix this?


You can try customizing the text strings in the admin panel -> customize -> text and search for “last topics” or “latest” maybe? I looked for “last topic” but nothing came up.
Latest however…


Thank you for the reply,

i cant identify the text strings that is responsible for the browser header.

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In English, what gets displayed in the browser’s tab is “Latest topics - Site Name”. The site name will be set to the value of your title site setting. You can find the translation strings that are used to set the words for “Latest” and “topics” by enabling verbose localization for your session. This guide explains how to do that: Find a translation key with verbose localization.

I’m wondering if the issue you are finding is a RTL display issue. Is the - symbol being displayed in the wrong place in the string? It should be displayed between the words for “Latest topics” and you site’s name.


Thank you so much
i solved the issue using your guide :heart:

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