How can I change user primary email?

As an administrator, how can I change a user email address ?

There are many topics discussing this. You can visit the user’s profile page and change it but they’ll still need to verify their address, which is almost always a good idea.

If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can do it from the rails console. It’s much safer than direct database queries.

This might work

UserEmail.find_by(user_id: (email: "")


I can not use the console has we are hosted on

What do you mean by visiting ? If I go to the user page as an administrator, I can edit username and name for example but not the email.

Scroll down to bottom then you will see an impersonation button if your as an admin


Yes indeed, it’s how I do it now. But after impersonation, I need to logout to go back to my administrator account. I hoped there was a better way.

Seems no possible for now

Oh. The email isn’t verified yet? So they aren’t really even a user. I think I’d just delete the account and have them try again.


@pfaffman Good point. I will go for account delete.

@hawm Thank s for the link I will track it.

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