Free hosts to install Discourse

I know about self-hosting, but are there any other ways to host the Discourse install?

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Alright, I tried that, but the problem is that I don’t have a credit card. Is there a work around?

Yes, there is a free option.

You could try something like x10Hosting, but I wouldn’t. Don’t expect good performance and reliable uptime from a free host. If you take your project seriously, pay for a reliable VPS like DigitalOcean’s 5$ monthly droplet. Maybe use a free host just to test it out and get a feel, then use real hosting before you open your website to the public but then you have to transfer everything over.

There is an eligibility criteria associated to that, It’s not for everyone.


There are no workarounds to a credit card. You’ll have to dig in yourself and find a provider that offers a payment method of your choice. There is no Good free host for anything. Particularly in the case of Discourse, free hosts won’t even offer the minimum hardware resources required to get started with discourse.