How can I host Discourse for free?

no i have no credit card

discourse = better :smiley:

it said this

Remove the subdomain.


What domain do you want? You have to type it exactly, example: “” and it will work.

Oracle Cloud offers free centos like servers if you register, you could try that

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i want


Then type that in the box and then sign up for Cloudflare, they should tell you what to do, lmk if you need any more help.

what’s that for

DDos protection, and nameservers.

How do you host in DigitalOcean for free? I’m currently paying for two on their platform.


If You use their promo, they give you $100 for 2 months to try their platform. After that you have to pay. This is for first time customers only.


Well, that is far away from free.


Once the 2 months ends you can switch to another provider or self host in a Linux VM,

That basically means you keep hopping from one provider to another. You will eventually exhaust the free trials and will have to pay. Not a solution imho.

Hosting on own hardware has limitations and costs too:.

  1. Cost of hardware
  2. Cost of electricity
  3. Cost of Internet (Plus their Acceptable Usage Policy)
  4. Cost of Maintenance

So in a nutshell, it is not possible to host discourse for free. For short term trials, there are many options depending on user’s needs.


The other challenge is having a credit card.

Whilst some of these services are temporarily free they will usually want you to demonstrate:

  • who you are
  • that you are credit worthy

Up front.


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