Discourse blog (article and comments)

Do we have the possibility with discourse to write some articles, with the newsletters field and comments under the article like this picture?

It is certainly possible. I was going to send you to an article, but we actually have quite a few that show how it’s done, at embedding. :slight_smile:


I meant if we can have the same blog template I shared in the picture. It’s is clean and minimalist. Article → Call to action (newsletters) → Discourse comments.

This may also interest you (I don’t know how much feature you need it covers, though):

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Yeah looks good too. Thanks. I see that it is possible to do many things with Discourse. Is it difficult to change a plugin? Is it hard to create a new one? Do you think my development team (react native, node) can do it?

Okey thank you. I will check that.

That blog uses https://ghost.org/ with a custom theme made by our team for our corporate blog. It does use Discourse comments via Embed Discourse comments on another website via Javascript.


Okey thanks. I’m just looking at everything I could do with Discourse. Looks very good. :slight_smile:

I’m building a (very) simple blog at the moment, similar to the discourse blog.

The blog will be based on hugo and design styled with Tailwind CSS. The connection between the blog and discourse will be the way Falco mentioned.

I can post the GitHub link in a few days if you’re interested, @Issa

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You may also be interested in this topic: Go from a Wordpress + Discourse structure to a Discourse site only?

Particularly @spirobel’s replies.

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I am talking with my development team. We will see what we can do. At this step, we are reviewing what we can do with Discourse and if it is a good start to work with it.

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My blog is online, @Issa

You’ll find the repo at GitHub - courservio/blog and a live demo at https://blog.courservio.de (text is only in german at the moment, sry.)

As I said it’s a really simple design and things like the menu and the footer are hardcoded in the layout (quick & dirty), but you should get a feeling. Maybe it helps.