How can I improve e-mail delivery (slow delivery)

Hello everyone,

I am suffering from slow e-mail delivery on my discourse website. For example, the first e-mail after signing up delays more than 7 minutes to arrive and also the one to recover passwords.

How can I improve the speed and priority of these e-mails delivery? It is a real pain in the ass creating a new account and not receive any verification e-mail within minutes.

I am using mailgun as the provider, CloudFlare and Digital Ocean.

Please, follow the attached picture of my DNS settings at CloudFlare.


Check the mail header to see where the delays are originating. It will show you which hops are reached at what times.

Hi @Stephen, how can I do that? And what should I modify?

Look at the email source. It’s going to vary by platform.

On gmail look for the three dots top-right of an open message and select ‘Show Original’.

The header is above the message, and shows each server and the timestamp at which the server processed the message.

New email domains are treated differently by certain mail services. Pain in the ass or not, deliverability usually improves over time.

Great, I accessed it.

Then which attitude to take with this information?