Is it possible to add extra API call on registration?

how to add an extra call to our API upon registration,login,logout,forgot password without using SSO

example: for registration upon saving in registration in Discourse it will trigger a post request to our API and save it to our database. and the login in discourse will get request to our API to check for the users same with logout and forgot password.

Hope you can help us, Thanks!

Sounds like you might be interested in our “Webhooks” system:


@david the request URL is our POST to create students. I tried doing it but it is always returning like this

Our webhooks send a specific payload. You’ll need to set up your API to understand that formatting, or use some other service (e.g. Zapier) to change the format into something your API will understand.


@david can i ask why the custom_user_fields is not appearing in form data? on the lower right portion of the screenshot. Thanks I need to get the custom_user_field and pass it to our API. I’m doing

lastname: this.userFields[6]
firstname: this.userFields[5]

because it is what being shown in the params after being submitted.