How can I make a topic go to the top in suggested search results if it is perfectly matched with a searched term?

When I found “bear out” in my discourse, “bear out” in the title didn’t come to the top.
Can I change the setting so that topics that match perfectly come to the top?

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Did you try it in quotes? That makes it a very specific, in-order word match. Search for

"bear out"


bear out

See if that helps. There are other advanced search options on the search page such as “matching in title only” that might be useful as well.


which is equivalent to adding in:title to your search.


Thanks for the information.

I tried the both. “Bear out” does not go to the top somehow.

I remember that “bear out” came out in top without doing the manipulation when I searched it about a year ago.
Did the algorithm of search change after several update?