Prioritise a specific search result

Hope I can explain my search requirement in time. (I am still giddy with excitement having had my WP forum migrated over by Discourse Hosting.)

To manipulate a certain result to be top of the search results in Google, you can pay the man. How can you force a result to the top within Discourse search?

e.g. If someone searches for “recommended contractor London” on my forum, I would like

a) the full Andy recommended contractor listing to appear at the top of the results and

b) the result should be formatted in a way that screams “official”.

Is this within the scope of Discourse, or should I add this to the list for a developer to look at separately.

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First, make sure all those words are in the title.

It would be relatively easy to get “Recommended Contractors in London” to the top, doing as you suggest, but it wouldn’t solve the second part of the problem. i.e.

The results could be confusing to searchers, if a forum member(s) who is not a recommended guru, “innocently” or otherwise, posted within a topic or several topics, something like *“I was a decorating contractor in London and recommended such and such a product and it worked brilliantly”.

That sort of cheeky post wouldn’t be top because we wouldn’t allow duplicate titles, but if there are a bunch of generic looking results highlighting recommended contractor in London including ours, now the searcher has a potential problem - who is the recommended one and who isn’t.

Is it feasible to extend the highlight facility for search results so that the whole result for pre-determined Pillar posts was highlighted? Whenever and wherever they appeared in search results, they would stand out as trusted.

What’s the rest of the algorithm?
For instance are (can be) results prioritized by author trust level or something like that?

Maybe by expanding the ‘advanced’ search options and giving a forum admin the possibilty to include some of those as default behind the scenes?