Search doesn't behave as I would expect

I used to always find what I needed with one query. But recently I kinda have to think, “what do I search to find what I need” for the second or third search query.

Like the example below, I search for Discord and expect the 3th result where Discord is in the topic title to be the top result, instead it’s showing me results where parts of Discord URL’s are matched in deep replies (there I mean: mostly not even the first post).

Does anyone else understand how this works? Like it should prioritize a title above a part of an URL that gets matched? The screenshot below just confuses me and the key question is what makes it rank the (totally irrelevant) topics.

The example here is one that’s very clear, because my target result is hit 3. But I have had situations where my target result was just not even in the top 5.

Now to make it even more interesting - the category of my target result (#3) has search priority “high” and all other categories have normal, apparently I already tried to fix this issue that way, but it doesn’t seem like the search priority made any change.

I don’t remember having issues like this in the past - it was always search, find and go. Now it’s search, think, search, find and go.