How can I put custom icons next to categories?

I wanted to put custom icons next to categories, in both full show mode and in the sidebar. I tried the component to do it, but icons just shows blank like there’s nothing there. Anybody can help?

Can you confirm this is the component you tried? Category Icons

When I use it, it works but isn’t fully compatible with the new category mentions yet.
Thus, icons are displayed in front of the category, but don’t replace the colored square, except in the sidebar:

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Yes i used that component but when i try to add something else other than the help icon, it just won’t display it neither on sidebar nor full categories page. It just goes blank and won’t display the icon or the colored default box.

Are you adding the icons that you want to add to the second setting? (Don’t remember the name currently)

Yes i did, i replicated the examples using other icons from font awesome.

Can you give us a few icon names you tried (the exact name you used in the component’s settings)?

i tried with “telegram” and it’s variants like fa-telegram. And now i don’t remember which other icon. To me doesn’t works with any icon.

Yeah, weird, some icons will work (fa-euro, yin-yang…), but others, like telegram, won’t work.
I don’t know why.

I think it’s required the fab prefix? :thinking:


I tried that as well.

edit : oh well, I tried again and it worked.



It’s not the first time I tried icons in such a theme component and I have the same “it didn’t work” and then “oh, it works in the end”. I wonder if there’s some cache stuff going on or if I’m just clumsy.

re edit: happy birthday Don :birthday: :partying_face:


Is there a reliable way to know if we must use a prefix (and which one?) in order to use an icon?

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I think the brand logo ones need fab.


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