Icons work for all but one category


great component, thank you so much for it. I implemented it and it works on any category for me - except one… I put in the correct slug, partial and exact. No icon. Hm.

Any idea?


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I think there are some bugs with matching. I have a category commblog, and I could not assign an icon to a commblog-review category. I ended up working around it by calling it community-blog-review instead. (The match / partial config didn’t seem to help, but maybe I was doing that wrong.)

Honestly, ideally, instead of the kind of klunky table-based config, it’d be really nice if this could be set on the actual config page for each category. I understand that’s probably not possible (or at least, not easy!) with a theme component, though.


That is indeed not possible with a theme component. However, it’s in our plans to add icon support to tags and categories in core in the near future, quite possibly some time in 2023.


That’s excellent — I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully this will also resolve my long-standing sadness about category color configuration, too. :slight_smile:


I did some renaming here but I was not able to get an icon for this one category.

It is not really an important issue, but it is strange. And I ran out of ideas here. :wink:

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