How can I remove post history?

Maybe auto delete threads after x years without a reply jk😂 This is still the one persistent view on forums i will always, always disagree with.

In general use of web forums, I have found over the years soo many solutions from very old threads (and very old blog posts for that matter) but also a lot of useless bloat and dead ends within those threads…where users and mods complain about bumping and/or not using search, rather than keeping up the quality of the thread or directing it on topic.

We should welcome discourse, if the thread is not relevant, it will fall into oblivion naturally.

Oops Edit:
Regarding the original question, for anyone else who comes to this thread via search: Maybe there is, or could be, a plugin to deal with that. (Keep only the last x revisions) or an official setting within admin panel to keep only a max # of revisions. Or, to delete revisions older than x days.

If this feature is important, it may probably see the light in future. We’ll see.

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