Understanding email notification settings

I’ve been using Discourse for a few years now and I love it, but I still don’t understand the email notification settings:

(Screenshot from the latest version at the time of writing, v1.6.0.beta5)

Some questions and constructive criticism:

  1. What’s the mailing list mode? One email for every new post? Maybe this needs a short explanation.
  2. Why is the setting “When I don’t visit here, send an email digest of what’s new” in two places?
  3. Isn’t there some overlap between “When I don’t visit here, send an email digest of what’s new” and “Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site”?

And my main gripe, which has already been discussed several times here but about which I’m not sure of the current status: Can I finally disable notifications for my own posts (topics and answers) while keeping notifications enabled for everything else?


We now throw a warning modal when this setting is selected which explains better what you’re getting into by giving an estimate of how many mails you’ll be receiving per day by enabling the setting.

This is a known UX bug and will be fixed.

No. The first one is for digests only, while the second one is for all email notifications.

Huh? In what instance do you receive notifications for your own posts?

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See this thread: How do I stop myself from receiving email notifications for my own posts in mailing list mode? and numerous others here on Meta.

Continuing discussion in topic linked above.