How can I track Discourse Signups For Facebook Ad Campaigns

(James Mc Mahon) #1

We’re about to start experimenting with running facebook ads that show our to our most popular topics to targeted, and probably segmented audiences.

Is there any way I can check the Discourse signup rate of these particular ads to see how they are doing?

I’m not thinking of retargeting at this point. Just present the topic, have them visit and see if they signup.

I was thinking a FB tracking pixel, but I’m not sure where I would put that in a way that would track signups, or how I could add it

(Sam Saffron) #2

I can think about how to technically build something with this level of tracking but there is nothing built-in that would sort this out.

In theory what you want is for each ad to append a tracking param ?source=fb and then carry that information around somehow.

Simplest extension to take care of this is something that integrates with google analytics and raises an analytics event when someone enters via facebook and when someone signs up. Would take a few days to build and test, maybe ask in #marketplace

(James Mc Mahon) #3

I’ve thought about it a little more… Turns out a tracking pixel is only used for retargeting, so I won’t be using one (At least not now).

So the plan would be to build different campaign links for each ad. That will at least show me how each ad (topic) did as far as new users, time on site, #pages viewed etc.

Example URL: Pushback (Formerly known as Drop Down) Nose Cones - Chassis\Handling Help and Discussion - KartPulse Forums: Discuss Karting, karts and go kart racing.

Is there a page that I can have users “land” after they signup? Then I could set this page as a goal in GA.

(Mittineague) #4

There’s the “an email has been sent” page.

(James Mc Mahon) #5

Figured this out yesterday when I just happened to be looking at “real time” analytics and a couple of folks signed up while I was in there.

All you need to do is set a URL goal of “/users/account-created” in GA.

n.b., this will not show historic signup goals, but it will begin to track them from the time you add the rule.

(Klemen Struc) #6

If “/users/account-created” is the first next URL a new user is redirected to after a succesful signup, you can easily track conversions in FB (and have FB optimize your ad delivery for conversions!) by

  1. Installing your FB Pixel to all pages and URLs on your discourse (directly or via GTM)
  2. Creating a Custom Conversion in your Facebook Ads manager (Name: Discourse Signup, Rule: URL contains users/account-created, Category: Lead)

When you launch ads, you then simply select Conversions as your Campaign Objective and have FB optimize your ad delivery for conversions, in this case Discourse Signup.

Hope this helps.

(James Mc Mahon) #7

Thanks Klemen. I added the custom conversion in ads manager just now an extra data point. I’ve had the pixel on the forums for a few months.

The issue I’m having is that not every user seems to get sent to that URL after they sign up. I’m not sure what the variable is though.

(Kane York) #8

If they sign up with a pre-validated email (e.g. Google, most Facebook auth), they will not land on the “account created, please verify your email” page.

(James Mc Mahon) #9

Bummer. Can you think of another URL that could be used to fire a pixel or an event?

(Kane York) #10

If you can target a property being non-empty, add a tracking property with the value of Discourse.User.currentProp('username') .

(James Mc Mahon) #11

Thanks @riking I will see if I can figure that out and give it a go.


I tried fb signup event which didnt work, however the purchase event was fired a number of times instead :man_facepalming:t2::joy: which is ok for me as long as fb optimizes accordingly