Track sign-ups on Google Analytics

(Henry Cooper) #1

How could I track sign-ups on Google Analytics?

I took a look at this post, but didn’t understand what the code meant, or where I should be adding it.

I am aware that users get sent to a page after signing-up via EMAIL, which I can use to track sign ups. Although, when users sign up using another social platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) they are not redirected to any URL

So could someone please explain to me how to do this. Thanks

(James Hahn II) #2

Your best bet here is going to be firing Google Analytics through Tag Manager and configuring event triggers. Here is a good tutorial on Medium.

(Mittineague) #3

I’m wondering what is missing from the Admin Dashboard numbers for new accounts that GA would provide.

(James Hahn II) #4

There are countless use cases around why someone would want to achieve this. A few that come to mind right away…

  1. Tracking conversion paths: “How long does it take for a registration at to translate into a sale at Is it 6 months? How can we make it 3?”
  2. Initial time on site: “How long do new users spend on the site after initial registration? Is it just 2 minutes? Our most engaged users spent an average of 20 minutes, and visited x, y, z pages. Maybe we need to route new users to those pages first?”
  3. New Member Acquisition: “We are spending $200/day on Google Adwords to promote the new forum. What is our return on the investment? Is the ad converting on the first visit? How many on the second, third, fourth? … Okay, looks like it take “X” impressions to lead to one conversion. Do we need to adjust our ad copy? Should we test different colors on the landing page? What do those demographics look like anyway?”

Those come to mind right away, but I could think of several dozen other reasons someone would want this data integrated directly into Google Analytics instead of just looking at the admin dashboard. Don’t get me wrong, the dashboard is a great 50,000 foot view. The data there works for high-level look at your forum. I can see us using it to put together C-Level reports for enterprise customers. But if you’re on the front line and need to translate data into actionable insights that lead to business outcomes you can report up to the C-Suite, unifying this data into Google Analytics makes perfect sense.

Here’s a solid article I found that offers a bit more context, along with links to custom reports you can import into your Google Analytics account.


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