How can one tune the automatic link sent to user for changing his email?

in our forum when a user wants to change his email, the link sent to him redirects him to the “this page doesn’t exist” page. I have checked the email-changing process here in meta, and things were fine. the difference was:

in our forum, the link is something like:

while in meta, the link is something like:

if one changes the link (sent by our forum) like this: substitute /user/authorize-email/ with /u/confirm-new-email/, then the link works properly and let the user change his email.

but how can we tune the link from the admin panel, so that it does direct users to the right address?

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the automate link generated for users to change their email, is directing them to the “this page doesn’t exist” path.

I couldn’t find any setting in the admin panel, and it seems to me more like a bug; though it doesn’t happen here in meta.

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If a user wants to change their email address, they simply have to go to their user preference (clicking on their avatar and then preferences), click the edit pencil after their existing email address, change their email address to their new one, and click Save Changes.

perhaps I couldn’t explain the problem clearly. after the process you explained, an automatic link is sent to the user, and he should confirm that.

this link directs our user to a wrong page, it’s something like:

while it should be like:

I want to know how to correct this automatic link.


This sounds like a bug, not something you need to manually fix.

I’m no good at testing email resets, so anyone else able to reproduce?


I think you are running into the problem that is described here: Confirmation email link (after change) is broken ("Oops!") due to bad email customization

If the problem is that the user_notifications.confirm_new_email text was customized prior to Discourse updating the link, the solution is given in this post: Confirmation email link (after change) is broken ("Oops!") due to bad email customization


thanks a lot, this was something I may never think of! :heart:


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