Mute category to mute all children categories

(nXqd) #1

I think this is more logical. In case, we want to exclude a specific child category, just insert it to watch.
What do you guys think about this ?

(Lee Dohm) #2

Let’s say the board I’m on has the following category structure:

  • foo
  • bar
    • wimble
    • wobble
    • wabble
  • baz

I want to mute bar (and therefore the subcategories underneath it), but leave bar|wobble as it is normally. My understanding of your suggestion is that my only option is to Watch or Track bar|wobble? What if I just want bar|wobble topics to default to Regular?

(Sam Saffron) #3

I don’t know, maybe, its such and edge area of the system I am not sure I can justify making changes to it now.

(Ram Z) #4

Muting sub-categories would very much be the expected behaviour.

The way to implement this cleanly (from a user perspective) would be to add a new notification mode to sub-categories called “Inherit from parent” and make this the default. Users could then explicitely set the notification level for sub-categories if they so choose.

Can watching a category watch all its subcategories as well?