How disable category in discourse

hi all! How disable category in discourse? THX

You set the category security settings (see/reply/create) permissions for however you want groups to have access to the category. It’ll take the highest security for a user to determine what the user can do.

So if you want to “lock” it, remove reply/create. If you don’t want people to see it, remove see.

If I understand what you mean by disable them…


Can you show a screenshot and the path to this setting?

Under categories, use the wrench, then access the security tab. Obviously you have to have admin rights to do this…

This will show the groups that have access defined for the category. Unchecking the checkbox will remove the permissions. If you don’t want a group to have access to the category at all, use the trash can to remove them completely. This particular category is open to everyone.


I need to correct something from my previous post. You can’t uncheck “see”, which makes sense if you think about it - if you can’t see it, why would you have reply or create. If you don’t want someone to see the category, simply remove the group totally.

  • Unchecking reply removes the ability for someone in that group to reply to original posts. Means they could only create new topics.
  • Unchecking create removes the ability for someone in that group to create new threads. Means they can only reply to existing threads
  • Unchecking create AND reply removes the ability for someone in that group to post at all. Means the category is essentially read only

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