Lock a category?

Is there a way to lock a category so only admins can post into it? I’d rather it didn’t look any different to the other categories, it would just be amazing if it could not appear in the dropdown selection for users to choose.

Not sure if this is possible, but thought I’d ask anyway!


Yes you can choose to lock it to the group ‘admin’ in the Security settings of the category.

Choose ‘Edit’ up the top right when in the category and a little overlay gives you the option to choose Security.

Go to Edit Permissions and add admin, and remove ‘everyone’.

The resulting Category can only be seen by admin and it looks natural to you in the Category listing (unless you make it hidden or something).


Yes, @JamesNorth is absolutely right - but you can do this for any group you want so if the ‘admins’ you are talking about is a broader range of members than those who have full admin rights, then it is still simple enough:

  1. Create a Group for your ‘admin group’
  2. Make that group not visible to anyone, and not one they can join or leave (so you can manage it)
  3. Add members into that group
  4. save it
  5. Create your category for conversations you want to have only visible to this admin group
  6. in the security settings (as per James’ comment) you give only members of this group the rights to create/reply/see this content
  7. post away secretly to your heart’s content :slight_smile:

I’ve used this not just for admins but for private groups, and for notifying selections of members about content

good luck


@JamesNorth @robmc So helpful, thank you both!