How do I create a popular topic sub banner

I’ve seen this a couple of times but can’t figure out where to set this up. I looked at category settings and then under featured box but it doesn’t do anything. Or is this only possible with custom css?

Any pointers?

Hi Carsten,
In that particular case, yes. That isn’t done through the UI.

You can have subcategories display as tiles through the UI as we have done in #howto

Would that suit your purpose?


Okay, I’ve seen it on EventTribe and FeverBee (exactly the same type) so I thought it was somehow possible. No problem. I think I might need to do some custom styling. The above would not necessarily suit I think.

Thanks for your speedy reply @HAWK.

I designed and commissioned that one. It’s custom CSS and was done by @joebuhlig


Here’s the draft - I’ve built this last night. Weird thing, though, whenever I click on a tag, for example, the page jumps back to the top (which is slightly annoying). Would anyone know how to fix that?

Forgot the link

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@Carsten_Pleiser looks good - how did you do it, and was it complicated?

Just plain CSS and HTML. Still working in it and once it’s ready, I can share the CSS with you if you like?

Can anyone explain why it always jumps back to the top?


I presume this is because you have added this CSS to the header across all pages, whether they are results of tag or category filters, so the page will always default to TOP and load the full header

I think that if you look at Feverbee, the ‘header’ is only on the home page (and includes a way to hide it) but when you click on the boxes, you load a new template .../tags/... or .../c/... where that header is not loaded

Maybe that helps?


Thanks @robmc for pointing this out. That was exactly it. I have fixed it with this little ‘hack’:

body[class*="category-"] #homepage-overlay { 
  display: none;

Not the nicest solution as the image still shows for a millisecond when clicking on the category, but a nice enhancement.

Top. Thank You! :call_me_hand: