How do I disable all post reply notification emails?

At least with Mailgun, users who unsubscribe from reply notification emails also unsubscribe from password reset emails, and admins who unsubscribe also unsubscribe from backup download link emails. Because Mailgun stops sending any email to people who have unsubscribed. This is tricky.

I pretty much only want people to receive critical account-associated emails, or alternatively to be unable to unsubscribe from critical emails regardless if they unsubscribe from anything else. I must be missing something in the settings.

You can change the global user defaults for these settings in your site settings:

Default the top three to off globally for all users. (Note that changing defaults in this manner only affects users who sign up after the defaults were changed.)

Also, “Activity Summary” below that should be defaulted off as well.


I think that did the trick. Thanks!

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