How do I force a refresh of a category description?

I’ve noticed that when I edit a category description, it takes quite a while for my edits to actually reflect in the area at the top of the relevant category page.

I suspect this is a caching thing, but it is quite awkward - I’ve been caught out a few times when I’ve made an edit that looks good in the controlling topic, but for some reason it looks awful when fully live. And I don’t find out about it for weeks or months!

Is there a way to force a refresh so I can see how it looks, and so I can be sure my users are seeing the updated category description?


There’s probably a cleaner way and I’d be curious to learn about it too… but you can

  • visit the categories overview page (“All categories”)
  • reload
  • select the edited category from the categories list
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That seems to work nicely thank you! I’m not sure why a reload of that page forces it, but a reload of a category page does not.

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You could also try CTRL + Shift + R, which refreshes the page and cache.


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